Dudleya cymosa
(Orange Form)

Dudleya cymosa Orange Form Dudleya cymosa Orange Form

The showiest flowers of any Dudleya – and the most cold hardy, too! Word! Naturally growing on coastal cliff faces along the California coast and low-elevation mountains, it forms wee rosettes of succulent leaves up to a mere 2” tall and 5” wide, eventually pupping to form a dense, low-growing hoard. In late Spring, multiple branching flower spikes emerge from each rosette, bearing an airy mass of hummer and butterfly attracting brilliant blooms – ours have been selected for their ultra-showy bright orange flowers! Grown from seed, leaf color is variable with some having a silvery powdering and others being an earthy olive green. Tolerates full sun in cool, coastal regions, but prefers afternoon shade in warmer areas. Hardy to USDA zone 5, but is much longer lived in USDA zone 6 and up. Provide excellent drainage for a happy, healthy plant.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Bright Shade
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 5-10