Agave gypsophila

Agave gypsophila
Photo courtesy of Kaveh Maguire

An Agave for the shade! This easy to grow “Century Plant” maintains a manageable size (2-3’ tall & wide) but makes a huge impact with its extra-wavy blue-gray leaves that arch outwards from a central rosette. A Winter/Spring bloomer - once mature, it will form an airy flower spike 6-8’ tall with clusters of vivid yellow-orange flowers perfect for hummers, bees & other wildlife. After blooming, the flowering rosette will die, but any offsets will happily take over. This variety often forms little baby plantlets on its flower stalk for fast, easy repopulation. The beauty of Agave gypsophila’s form is best highlighted when kept as a single rosette, so it is generally recommended that any extra pups around the base be removed, but keep a couple as back-ups in case the main rosette flowers! Gorgeous in a container! Happy in high humidity or average water gardens with excellent drainage. Plant in dappled light or afternoon shade & protect from frost.

Plant Unicorn

Sun (coast)
Part Shade (inland)
Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 10a-10b