Agave ovatifolia
"Whale's Tongue Agave"

Agave ovatifolia Whales Tongue Agave Agave ovatifolia Whales Tongue Agave
Photo (right) courtesy of Piece of Eden

Making its first appearance in the 1980’s, this awesome and HARDY Agave set the succulent world abuzz! Slightly cupped silver to powdery-blue ovate leaves ending in terminal spines form a surreal, spectacular, solitary architectural rosette, 3-4’ tall and up to 6’ across in 4-7 years, especially with Summer water. A 12’ bloom stalk emerges after 10-20 years bearing chartreuse flowers. Luckily, “Whale’s Tongue” is EASY and low maintenance but must have well-drained soil. Extremely heat tolerant, provide some Summer water in desert-hot locales. Magnificent planted in multiples.


Sun/Pt.Sun in hottest areas
Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 7b-10