'Blue Horizon'

Unquestionably the most massive bloomer of any Passion Vine we’ve grown and deliciously fragrant with a heady, ethereal perfume, even at a distance. And a mind-blowing Gulf Fritillary magnet, attracting clouds of successive generations. Blooming from April to October here, with 3.5” psychedelically marked filaments sporting rings of blue, white and purple followed by edible orange fruit. Evergreen, vigorous and fast, it can cover an ugly fence in a jiffy, reaching 10’ in year 1 and up to 20’ thereafter and can be easily cut back to minimize size. Rich to moderately fertile soil. Deer resistant!

Passiflora Blue Horizon Passion Flower Vine Passiflora Blue Horizon Passion Flower Vine

Kelly Kilpatrick,

Sun/Pt. Sun
Average Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 9-11