'Double Apricot'

Brugmansia Double Apricot Brugmansia Double Apricot

Everyone who can should grow at least one "Angel's Trumpet" in their garden. I love it when its sweet, swoon-worthy perfume drifts in thru my windows on warmish evenings, lasting sometimes till morning! Almost always in bloom, the glamorous apricot double flaring 10-12" trumpets of this lovely hybrid sport long reflexed tails at petal ends. A fast and favorite garden feature, it'll reach 10' in a year and is amenable to just about any pruning agenda. Do provide protection from strong wind and hottest afternoon sun for best performance. A heavy eater, grow it in rich soil and toss some compost around the base in Spring and Summer to keep the leaves nice and green. Attracts hummers, nocturnal moths and bees! Deer resistant!


Part Sun
Avg. water/Moist

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 8-10
(Deciduous Zone 8)