'Can Can'

Cordyline Can Can


Do you love the look of “cabbage trees” but don't actually want a tree? Well, this new clumping variety from New Zealand is more like a 3-4’ shrub and is much easier to use in the landscape. Perfect for containers on a patio or planted massed in beds, the weeping variegated foliage of ‘Can Can’ really CAN CAN bring color and interest to your garden and with very little maintenance needed on your side. ‘Can Can’ is unusual in that the leaves start out red and then age into variegated green and cream, so you will have both colors on a plant at the same time. Grow in full coastal sun or part shade inland to keep the colors strong. Needs decent drainage. Drought tolerant but is more lush with a little irrigation. Can handle USDA zone 7 with protection.

Anni J.

Sun/Pt. Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA zones 8-10
(USPP# 24,029)