'Merveille de Quatre Saisons'

Lettuce Merveille de Quatre Saisons
Photo by Elsa Spezio

Marvel of the 4 seasons, indeed! No lettuce enjoys hot, dry weather, but Merveille can be grown and harvested almost all year around. It can even thrive at 20F in a greenhouse or under cloches. This wouldn’t matter as much if it didn’t also have knock-out looks and a delicious flavor and texture. With good reason, this French 1895 heirloom has become a favorite in American gardens since it was first introduced on ‘The Victory Garden’ show. A butterhead type, Merveille has creamy yellow leaves tipped with red and bronze on the outer leaves. Cold intensifies the coloring. Plant 4-6” apart in good, rich garden soil, preferably in full sun unless grown during the hot season. Keep well-watered for best flavor and harvest the whole head, or pick off outside leaves for a small salad.

Anni J

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