A wonderful small tree/large shrub for mostly sun to part shade gardens! An interspecies cross between I. cyanea and I. australis ‘Alba’, this tough, CLAY and DROUGHT tolerant fast-grower, provides non-stop year-round bloom! Naturally multi-trunked with a nice spreading branch pattern, it’s loaded with beautiful clusters of flaring plummy-pink 3.5” blooms (see video below!). A cinch to grow, it will reach 10’ tall its first year! A highlight in any garden (great for low-mainte­nance side yards), the hummingbirds go nuts! Annual side-dress of compost. Can easily be pruned to any size.  Deer resistant

Iochroma Princess Iochroma Princess


Pt.Sun/Brt. Shade
Avg./Low water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 9b-11
(maybe 8)