Cuphea schumannii

Cuphea schumannii Cuphea schumanni

One can never have enough Cupheas if you live in a mild climate like ours, sez me! They are SO happy here! Evergreen, FAST and EASY as pie, blooming their hearts out all year around – what more can you ask for? This is our newest, winning Cuphea – with an upright 4’x4’ branching habit, good looking, emerald, heart-shaped leaves and, the best part, brilliant scarlet, 1.5-2” tubular flowers adored by hummingbirds. Lavender purple fuzzy lower stamens and upper petals complete the funny little “bat faces” this genus is so well known for. Tolerates much, but prettiest in well-drained soil with some compost added. Cut back to 2’ tall in Winter to promote extra bushiness next season.

Cuphea schumanni Cuphea schumanni


Sun(coast)/Pt. Shade(hotter areas)
Avg./Low water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-10
(Annual elsewhere)