Podranea ricasoliana
"Port John's Creeper"

Easy, fast and very showy. Bears large bunches of fragrant, lilac-pink, 3” wide trumpet flowers. Bloom clusters hang from branch tips from Spring thru Fall! Glossy Wisteria-like folaiage grows on many long, non-suckering stems from a woody base. Prune once a year to maintain a more compact form and promote increased bloom. Can be grown as a shrub, rambling groundcover, or vine – excellent for arbors, pergolas, or as a screening plant against a fence. An established plant is tolerant of salt spray, heat, wind and periods of drought.  Does best in rich, regularly watered soil with a topping of compost once or twice a year. Light frosts may cause it to lose leaves but they re-grow quickly. Note: This is not Pandorea or “Wonga Wonga”


Full Sun
Avg./Low water

Perennial Vine/Shrub
USDA zones 9-10