Ungnadia speciosa
"Mexican Buckeye"

Ungnadia speciosa "Mexican Buckeye"
Photo by Karl Gercens

All of the beauty of a REDBUD TREE but requires LITTLE TO NO ADDITIONAL WATER once established! This no-fuss Texas/New Mexico native tree can be grown as a beautiful under-story shrub where it will likely top out at 15’ high & wide, or as a 30’ tall tree in a sunny yard! With bright pink FRAGRANT blooms in early Spring, lush green leaves in Summer, vivid yellow foliage in Fall, & ornamental buckeye-like seed pods that dangle provocatively from branches all through Winter: there isn’t a single season when this tree is “ho-hum”! Not to mention it’s an excellent food source for bees & butterflies! TOLERATES CLAY!

Ungnadia speciosa "Mexican Buckeye" Ungnadia speciosa "Mexican Buckeye"
Photos by James Gaither

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Shade
Low/No Summer Water
(once established)

Perennial Tree/Shrub
USDA zones 7-9