Salvia indica

It's so rewarding to find a new extraordinary Salvia after years of trialing new species! Native to dry, rocky slopes in the Middle East, this rare Sage is happy in infertile, well-draining soil. Low furry gray-green scalloped leaves are topped Spring to Fall with plentiful upright branching 2’ leafless stems. Ornately marked in deep purple and gold, the fetching 2” lavender flowers are nicely displayed in widely-spaced whorls. Can go deciduous in Winter, but not to worry, it returns in Spring. Blooms February thru Summer, cut back for repeat bloom. A show-stopper for the dry garden, container (15+ gal), and parking strip – just provide well-drained soil and an annual side-dress of compost for a gorgeous plant. Hummers! Deer resistant.


Full Sun
Avg./Low water

USDA zones 9-10