Solanum valerianum
'Navidad, Jalisco'

Solanum valerianum Navidad Jalisco Solanum valerianum Navidad Jalisco

My favorite new introduction in 2015! Fast growing, evergreen and almost ever-blooming, this heavenly vine reached 8' x 8' for us in its first year! Plentiful and deliciously large 8-12" panicles of starry purple flowers accented with big pillowy golden-yellow anthers drape gracefully – Wisteria-style – from long sweeping stems that will fill in to cover a wall or fence in a year or two. Some say the flowers, which appear from at least Spring to December, are sweetly scented! The lush, tapered 4" leaves add even more allure. Doesn't climb by tendrils, so you do have to provide something for it to climb on. EASY, deer resistant(woo-hoo!) and not fussy about soil or water, it will be more exuberant with compost enhanced soil and somewhat regular water. Has survived bouts of 25 F, but do protect from hard frosts or grow against a warm wall. Introduced by Suncrest Nursery.

Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low water

Perennial vine
USDA zones 9b-11