Iochroma cyanea
'Royal Blue'

Iochroma cyanea 'Royal Blue'

I planted this TOUGH, FAST-growing Brugmansia relative in my shady side yard in order to block my neighbor from seeing me in my morning pajamas thru my sliding glass kitchen door – and wow! It reached 9’ tall in a year, providing me the perfect screen! Beautiful and loaded almost year-round with large clusters of yummy purple tubular flowers – like 20 to a bunch – and absolutely adored by hummers! It's evergreen and nearly ever-blooming in zones 9 and above. In zone 8 it often goes dormant in Winter, but comes back from the roots bigger and better each year! Multi-trunked to 10’ x 6’, it doesn’t mind being pruned to any size/shape. CLAYISH tolerant, give a side-dress of compost once a year. Weekly watering is fine once established. Deer resistant!


Average Water

Perennial Shrub/Small Tree
USDA zones 8-11