Ribes sanguineum
'King Edward VII'

Ribes sanguineum King Edward VII Ribes sanguineum King Edward VII
Photos courtesy of: WBLA_Corky

Spectacular Spring blooming native flowering currant 'King Edward VII' bursts into a mass of 4" pendulous clusters described as "electric neon deep fuchsia". Bushy and more compact than the common varieties – to a maximum of 6' x 4', February to May bloom is followed by persistent deep blue berries. Long lived and deer resistant, Ribes tolerates CLAY and drought, but is best with an annual side-dress of compost and some Summer water. Prune back by 1/3 immediately after flowering to maintain a nice habit. Hummingbird magnet!


Sun/Part shade
Avg./Low water

CA Native Perennial shrub
USDA zones 5-9