Ophiopogon japonicus
"Mondo Grass"

Ophiopogon japonicus "Mondo Grass"
Photo by:David R. Tribble

This lush, evergreen groundcover is a perfect low maintenance alternative for a shady spot! Growing to a compact 9” high, this lovely grass never needs mowing. Spreads quickly to 3’ across weed-suppressing mat and can be easily divided for adding to other parts of your garden. Stunning grown between stepping stones, edging a bed, or under a shady tree - where it creates effortless elegance. It’s also a perfect choice for the banks of streams or ponds, as it thrives in boggy conditions & aids in erosion control! Small, pale purple flowers (often hidden by the foliage) bloom in Summer, followed by vivid blue fruit. Not recommended for hot, humid, tropical climates, where it can become somewhat of a thug (I’m talking to you Florida & friends) - but for the rest of us it is very well behaved. Can be weed wacked short if it ever needs refreshing.



USDA zones 7-11