Salvia nemorosa

salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'

This bloomiferous Salvia brings opulent royal-purple color to the garden & keeps it there from late Spring thru Summer. Forms a low, herbaceous mound of fragrant foliage about 1’ high x 2’ wide, topped with 2’ flower spikes. Super easy to grow & maintain - it’s very tolerant of neglect, but will reward those who provide regular water & full sun with an unbeatable display of blooms & a sturdy upright form. The flowers are excellent in arrangements both fresh & dried - which is convenient, because the more you dead-head it, the more it will bloom. Stunning when contrasted with the bright yellow of Coreopsis, the vivid orange of Calceolaria ‘Kentish Hero’, or the unbeatable green of Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’. Also makes an excellent addition to the somber hues of a Gothic garden. Excellent in a container!


Avg./Low water

USDA zones 4-9