Olearia albida
“Tree Daisy”

An outrageously RARE, EVERGREEN hedge or small tree with fragrant white blooms! This New Zealand coastal native also known as “Tanguru” (its Maori name) forms a multi-trunked, upright shrub/tree that reaches about 11’ tall by 6’ across (though in its native range it can reach up to 25’ tall!). Ruffled, glossy green leaves are covered in adorable white fuzz on the underside. Blooms late Summer thru Fall with dense 2” wide clusters of FRAGRANT .5” daisy-like white flowers. Tolerant of coastal winds, deer resistant, and drought tolerant (once established). It’s not picky about soil, but prefers good drainage. Prune to maintain a more compact form, if desired. Provide 1-2” of compost in Spring for lavish growth.
Full Sun

Avg./Low Water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 9-10