Olearia albida
“Tree Daisy”

This extremely tough New Zealand native shrubby/small tree makes a fantastic evergreen hedge. “Tanguru” (the Maori name) is fast-growing (to 11’ x 6’) with an upright habit & gently ruffled, luscious leaves that are shiny on top & velvety metallic underneath. Profuse 1” Daisy-like white flowers bloom from Summer until Fall!  Legendary for durability, it stands up to coastal winds & is drought tolerant, though it’s best not to let it COMPLETELY dry out, especially not until it’s well established. Easily withstands temps down into the mid-20s F. With good drainage, this “Tree Daisy” does fine in all kinds of soil-including sand & clay - all this & deer resistant, too! Great plant companions include Cussonia spicata & Deppea Splendens. It’s easy to trim, too! Compost in the 2nd Spring for abundant growth.


Sun/Pt. Sun

Avg. water
Low water
once established

USDA zones 6-11