‘Flashy Oak’
Lettuce 'Flashy Oak'

An exciting & colorful new lettuce variety, sporting brilliant maroon speckles on deep apple green leaves. Provides the combined benefits of easy harvesting (pick leaves off as needed, or cut the whole head) with the flowing form & the interesting leaf shape of an oakleaf lettuce. Heat tolerant, but also good during the winter, since soil spattered by rain does not get caught in the crinkly leaves. Cut when young, it’s great in baby lettuce mixes - or let it grow to form a solid head with excellent taste & texture. Grow 6” apart in good garden soil & keep well-watered. It’s best grown in in sun, but protect against the afternoon sun in the hottest areas.

-Anni J


Avg. water

Annual vegetable
All zones
28 days (to baby size)
55 days (full head)