Beschorneria yuccoides
'Flamingo Glow’

Well yes, the foliar clumps of this succulent native to Northern Mexico are indeed lovely and dramatic with their thornless yellow and green vertically striped strappy leaves forming clumps to 3-4’ tall and wide. Quite the garden highlight! But when it blooms (in about 1 year) it is an EVENT! The foliar rosette pushing up astounding bright flamingo pink muscular stalks 5” thick and 5-6’ tall (see video online!). Emerging from pink stems and bracts are contrasting lime-green tubular bells, highly addictive to hummingbirds. Surprisingly hardy to 10 degrees - 15 degrees. DROUGHT TOLERANT, deer and rabbit resistant. Best in well-drained soil with some fertility.

Beschorneria yuccoides Flamingo Glow


Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 7b-11
(USPP# 22,162)