Monarda hybrida
“Bee Balm”

Monarda hybrida 'Bergamo' "Bee Balm"

If being a hard-worker is a virtue, then this Bee Balm is going for sainthood, considering it actually blooms itself to death! While most Monardas are producing occasional flowers & planning on a long life as a perennial, Bergamo pulls out all the stops & produces almost endless rounds of 2-4” heads covered in shockingly-bright magenta blooms from late Spring thru early Fall. Growing about 2’ tall & over 1’ wide, this compact variety is perfect for containers, edges of beds, & for quickly adding vivid color to the Summer garden. Its multitudes of vivid blooms are ideal for attracting bees, butterflies & hummers. The 2’ flower spikes are also ideal cut flowers, the petals make an adorable garnish for desserts & salads & the minty-scented leaves make a delicious tea! Plant in full sun with well-draining soil for best show.

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