Sedum acre
Sedum acre 'Elegans'

This charming, variegated sedum acts as both an ideal foil for other plants and a show-stopper in its own right! The paleness of the new growth give 'Elegans' a flocked look that is uniquely beautiful. In late Spring or Summer, it becomes completely covered by the brightest of yellow flowers which attract scads of oohs and aahs from hummers, butterflies and neighbors alike! Topping out at only 2 - 3" tall by 8 -12" wide, it’s a fast grower and spreads easily and reliably by dropped leaves, so for more plants - simply tussle the fluff and stand back! Performs best in well-draining soil with occasional Summer water.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA zones 5-9