Sedum rupestre
"Golden Sedum"

There’s proof that GORGEOUS can also be EASY and superbly versatile - we submit Sedum 'Angelina' as evidence! Fine in shallow or rocky soil, it’s a perfectly charming, high-contrast, low-effort way to under-plant a border, edge a bed, fill in a container and what a delightful solution to those "nothing-grows-here" hell strips! "Golden Sedum" first appears as a VIVID chartreuse groundcover with juicy little points of foliage that spread rapidly to 2' across and 6" tall. Deepening in color to an intense gold-yellow by Summer, tiny star-shaped yellow blooms appear as a nectar-rific beacon for neighborhood butterflies and hummingbirds. Attracts hoverflies, too - whose larvae is one of the greatest defenses against aphids! In Fall and Winter, the show goes on - colder weather brings coppery-reddish distinction to the leaves. VERY cold hardy, it can also withstand drought and heat and holds ZERO snack appeal for deer.


Sun/Brt. Shade

Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 6-10