'Blue Glow'

Agave Blue Glow Agave Blue Glow

A study in architectural elegance for the dry garden, this hybrid Agave creates a beautifully symmetrical solitary rosette. Chalky blue in color and edged in red and yellow (with a spiky terminal tip), it's quite the thrill to see the foliage "glow" when backlit by the sun. Reaching an easy to place 2' x 3' in size, group a few for a swell designer-y display or grow it in a large container. Benefits from supplemental water during hot, dry Summers. Slow growing and eventually makes offsets. Hardy to 20-25° F. Deer resistant.


Part Sun (hottest areas)

Avg./Low Water

Monocarpic succulent
USDA zones 8b-11
(Hardy to 15° F)