Gladiolus carinatus
'Blue Afrikaner'

Gladiolus carinatus 'Blue Afrikaner' Gladiolus carinatus



This exceptionally fragrant Glad from coastal South Africa grows to about 2' high, with blooms ranging in hues of blues, purples & pink with a sweet yellow under-lip. The flower stems are a showy purple with white mottling. Prefers extremely well-draining soil & can come back year after year, if planted below the frost line (this depth varies based on climate), or through milder Winters, otherwise the corms can be over-Wintered in a dry indoor area. The grass-like leaves are deciduous, so feel free to trim them back once they look "done in". Look forward to your Gladiolus clump increasing in size as it spreads reliably by corm, giving you plenty of freebies and the opportunity to spread the fragrant blue love that is “Blue Afrikaner”.








Avg. water

Perennial bulb
USDA zones 8-10