'Timm & Success'


Don’t have the perfect conditions for blueberries? Try growing Serviceberries instead! Also known as JUNEBERRIES or Saskatoons, they are fast fruiting & easy to grow in regular garden soil. Similar to blueberries in size & taste - mild & sweet, with seeds that have an almond-y flavor that gets stronger when cooked for pies, jams or fruit leather. They’re rich in flavonoids, full of vitamins & minerals, plus these berries contain one of the highest antioxidant levels found in any fruit or vegetable. Originally received by Idell Weydemeyer as hybrid ‘Timm & Success’, this variety appears to come true from seed, but there may be some variability. A small shrub, it grows slowly to 3’ & will spread equally slowly via runners. Fruiting heavily in the second year, in early Spring it’ll be covered with pretty white flowers; by June these will be clusters of indigo berries. Whether you have pie or eat them fresh, it will be delicious!






-Anni J

Full Sun/Pt. shade
Avg. water

Perennial shrub/berry
USDA zones 3-9