'Halo Purple'
Hollyhock Halo Purple

Are these lofty beauties heaven sent? PERENNIAL, RUST RESISTANT, 4’ across with multiple towers (5-8’ tall - no fooling!) bearing multitudes of cheery 5" purple blooms; super useful for adding gorgeous vertical structure to the back of a border. Birds, bees and butterflies can’t resist these ROYALLY purple, yellow-eyed beauties any more than we can. The blooms start in Summer and the show just keeps on going until the first major chill (this Hollyhock is quite hardy) - even in the first year! Staking the stalks will keep 'em proud and tall. Well-drained soil is recommended, cut back to the base and give a 1" a blanket of compost after the blooms are spent.

Fiona Bruce,
Plant Enthusiast

Full Sun
Avg./Low water

USDA zones 3-10