Digitalis hybrid
'Polkadot Pippa'

Digitalis hybrid Polkadot Pippa Digitalis hybrid Polkadot Pippa

Everblooming Foxgloves? Yes, it's true! These new hybrid perennial Foxgloves bloom from Spring to December! And I am so happy about that, in fact mine are blooming like crazy as I write this at the end of November. Multi-upright stems to 3' tall carry these charming, 2", wide-mouth blooms - apricot-pink on the outside and spotted primrose yellow inside - colors that play well in almost any area of the garden. Smooth, rich green foliage makes a dense and sturdy 12" x 20" foliar mound. EASY! Butterflies, hummers and endless cut flowers!! Good loamy soil is best. Side-dress with compost 1-2 times a year for superior performance. Big ups to breeder Charles Valin! Deer resistant!

Digitalis hybrid Polkadot Pippa


Sun/Brt.Shade (coast)
AM Sun/Brt.Shade (inland)

Average water

USDA zones 4-10a