Greyia sutherlandii

Greyia sutherlandii Greyia sutherlandii
photo (left) courtesy of Charlotte's Flowers

A FAST and EASY-to-grow shrub that deserves to be more widely-known and grown! Branching right above the ground into a neat, interesting, rounded silhouette, it’s ideal for planting by entryways or any sunny place where its traffic-stopping, long season bloom can be admired. Beginning in Spring and continuing throughout Summer, it bears plentiful, eye-popping, 5” long and 4” thick, brilliant scarlet, long-stamened flower clusters at branch tips. Absolutely glowing on an overcast day, they’re packed with nectar and prized by hummingbirds. Handsome, thick, almost circular leaves fill in during late Spring, turn reddish in Fall and often drop in Winter, leaving the blooms to shine on bare branches in late Winter and early Spring. Though well-drained soil is recommended, ours has thrived by our office in clayish soil topped with compost where, with an annual pruning, it has formed a nicely rounded shrub about 6’x6’, though it can, supposedly, reach up to 20’ tall if left it its own devices.


Sun/PM sun
Avg./Low water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9b-11