Verbascum nigrum

Verbascum nigrum 'Album'

Dramatic, easy, tough & reliably perennial, Verbascum nigrum ‘Album’ is one of those “plant & forget” fellows that make you feel very successful as a gardener when you’ve really done nothing at all. Usually 3.5’ tall (I’ve had mine reach 5’ in rich soil), this lovely “Mullein” forms showy candelabra-type spikes bearing densely held, pure white flowers centered with fascinating purple & orange eyes. The wavy foliage forms a rosette up to 2’ across. Drought tolerant, snail & deer resistant, it’s not fussy about soil either. Blooms late Spring & again in Summer if you cut it back after Spring bloom. Highly recommended!


Sun/Pt. sun
Avg./Low water

USDA zones 5-10