'Mendonoma Belle'

Fuchsia 'Mendonoma Belle' Fuchsia 'Mendonoma Belle'

Highly recommended by Janis and Rodney Bergquist of the American Fuchsia Society, this is another completely GALL MITE RESISTANT Fuchsia bred by mite-resistant master breeder Peter Baye. A big, bushy and vigorous landscape shrub, 6' tall and 4' across, it's a low maintenance beauty and an exuberant year around bloomer in low-frost climates and Spring thru Fall where it's chillier. Particularly showy against deep green foliage, the handsome and plentiful, vividly colored carmine and deep purple 2" blooms bring a hummingbird invasion! Can be pruned as a hedge or to contain growth. Evergreen in USDA zones 9-11 (reported to be hardy to 30° F). A fantastic choice for containers, it’s also perfect for shady garden spots - some sun is okay, too - as long as the roots don’t get too dry and hot. Rich, well drained soil for top-of-the-line appearance.



Sun/Pt. shade
Average Water

USDA zones 7b-11