Todaroa montana
“Canary Giant Mountain Carrot”

Todaroa montana Canary Giant Mountain Carrot

One of my favorite “that’s SO cool” plants, this rare Canary Island native puts on a phenomenal display for several months in Spring. SUPER EASY and DROUGHT TOLERANT, this UBER TOUGH perennial begins as a pleasing clump of large ferny foliage and by year two – kablaam! – it pushes up a giant and dramatic inflorescence of 5” spherical chartreuse umbels on hunky, well-branched stems to 6’ tall and 40” across. Showiest in fertile, well-drained soil. Great habitat plant! Unusual cut flowers! Deciduous. Deer resistant.

Todaroa montana Canary Giant Mountain Carrot


Avg./Low water

USDA zones 9-10
(annual elsewhere)