Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage ‘Soloist’

A mini-Napa or “Chinese” cabbage for the smaller household or smaller garden. Matures quickly (40-50 days) to 1 pound, solid heads with a golden center and a mild, delicious flavor - just perfect for salads, dips and stir-fries. Plant your starts 1’ apart in full sun and good garden soil, well amended with compost. Take care to not disturb the roots while placing the seedlings into the soil, then keep well watered to insure steady growth - the top 6” of soil should be moist, but not soggy. Apply a top dressing of compost, or fertilize with fish emulsion as the heads starts to form. High resistance to downy mildew. Protect from slugs and snails.

Anni J.

Full sun
Average water/Moist

Annual vegetable
All zones

(40-50 days)