Dombeya burgessiae
'Pink Form'

An unusual and fast-growing small accent tree reaching only 10’ x 10’ and you can easily prune it to a smaller shrub size. Beautiful deep pink cup-shaped blooms appear plentifully in pendulous clusters to 6” across from April till August . These combined with its large-ish soft and fuzzy sage-green maple-like leaves add an appealing tropical feature to the garden. Multi-branching and happy in both sun and bright shade , it can reach full size in 3 years. Since it’s amenable to pruning and shaping, it’s also a good choice for a large patio container. Not fussy about water, it does love fertile well-drained soil. Deer resistant! Winter deciduous. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. In Africa, the bark is chewed as an aphrodisiac – now you know! Hardy to 20-25° F.


Avg./Low water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 9b-11