Sonchus palmensis

Sonchus palmensis Sonchus palmensis

Would you be dissuaded if I told you this resplendent tropicalesque accent was a gigantic dandelion relative? Well, you shouldn’t! EASY and fast growing to 6-8’ tall (in bloom), it’s a stunner from the Canary Islands, the land where so many fab-a-rific plants hail. Long, lush, ferny leaves to 3’ long arch out, palm-like, from stout, branching trunks. In Spring, and maybe again in Summer (ours often bloom twice), massive flowering heads to 4’ across burst out atop the foliage with innumerable, 2”, sunny yellow “dandelions”. And bees love them! Most amazing in compost-enriched soil. Totally impress your neighbors! Does not self sow. Hardy to 25⁰F.


Pt.Sun in hottest areas

Avg./Low Water

Perennial shrub
USDA zones 9b-11