Penstemon x gloxinioides
‘Violet Kissed’

Aptly named for the vivid, pouty violet-purple “lips” that contrast so sweetly with the pale, white throats of these LARGE (1.5” across) tubular blooms that erupt massively from fuzzy, dark green evergreen foliage. Growing to 2’ high by 15” across, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds queue for their turn at a smooch from this LONG-BLOOMING (Summer through the first heavy frost!) shrublet. Cut back the stems in March for a tidy plant that overflows with flowers through the bloom season - remove spent stems in the summer to keep the show going. Needs VERY well-draining soil – a little gravel and a bit of organic compost mixed into the soil is recommended for happy roots. A perfect choice for a rock garden, or for xeriscaping – a bit of regular water is good, but avoid overwatering!

Full Sun
Avg./Low water

USDA zones 7-10a
Annual elsewhere