‘Cheshire Cat’
“Perpetual Carnation”

Dianthus ‘Cheshire Cat’ “Perpetual Carnation”

Like a blast from the past, this wild & wondrous carnation was reincarnated to resemble similar varieties grown in the 1800’s. ‘Cheshire Cat’ was created by John Barrington of Tauton, England, a passionate breeder dedicated to bringing the intense, former fragrance back to “Perpetual Carnations.” Large blooms (to 4” across) sport pink base petals, flecked & streaked with deep, cherry crimson. We’re so stoked to offer this rare beauty! Tall, strong & sturdy - to 30” tall & 30” across – with stout, arching stems, these long-lived perennials bloom almost year-round in mild climates (like ours in the Bay Area) with their biggest flush in Spring & Summer. Appearing in multiples atop long bluish-green stems, they make funtabulous, long-lasting cut flowers & the more you cut, the more they’ll produce – plenty for bouquets & to give as gifts! How sweet! Best grown at the edge of a bed or in a large (10+ gal.) container. Provide rich, well-drained soil & side dress with compost once or twice a year for maximum bloom. Cut back to 6” tall to refresh.




Avg. water

USDA zones 6-10a