‘Queen of Hearts’
“Perpetual Carnation”

Dianthus ‘Queen of Hearts’ “Perpetual Carnation” Dianthus ‘Queen of Hearts’ “Perpetual Carnation”

The ULTIMATE romantic fragrance! From delightful breeder John Barrington of Tauton, England - who is obsessed with bringing the long-missing intense fragrance back to “Perpetual Carnations” – “Queen of Hearts” is one of the most delicious! Tall, strong and sturdy, to 20" tall and 20" across, with stout arching stems, these long-lived perennials bloom almost year-round in mild climates (like ours in the Bay Area) with the biggest flush in Spring and Summer. Growing to 4” across, intense scarlet blooms with frilled edges appear in multiples atop long bluish-green stems - absolutely perfect for cutting! (Pinch off all but one bud to create the largest blooms.) You’ll get plenty for making your own boutonnieres, bouquets and for gift-giving. Best grown at the edge of a bed or in a large (10+ gal) container. Provide rich, well-drained soil and side dress with compost once or twice a year for maximum bloom. Cut back to 6” tall anytime to refresh.


Avg. water

USDA zones 6-10a