(Alcea rosea hybrid)
'Black Knight’

Hollyhock Alcea Black Knight Hollyhock Alcea Black Knight

Check out this tall, dark and handsome fella – what’s not to love? He’s a PERENNIAL, RUST RESISTANT Hollyhock, with plenty of dark maroon to (honestly) jet black, 4” blooms covering multiple sturdy stalks that’ll grow to an impressive 6’ tall by 5’ across. Talk about a great focal point! Long blooming, too – Summer thru Fall, you’ll get a gorgeous show, especially in well-draining soil. Consider planting with Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’ for a breathtaking, high-contrast juxtaposition. Cut stems back and top dress with compost when it starts getting chilly out; your ‘Black Knight’ will keep galloping back to save the day time and time again!

Full Sun
Average Water

USDA zones 4-9