Hollyhock Alcea
'Mars Magic’

Hollyhock Alcea 'Mars Magic' Hollyhock Alcea 'Mars Magic

Brilliant red and PERENNIAL - not biennial, like the more commonly-grown Hollyhocks. Instead of creating 1, 2 or 3 stalks, these display many erect stems arising from the base. Topping out at 5’-6’ tall and 5’ across, they present a nicer silhouette, making them much easier to place in the garden - and they won’t need staking! Best of all, they’ll bloom from early Summer until Fall - how awesome is that? Quite long-lived too (in our gardens, they last about 5 years) and they’re substantially more RUST RESISTANT than the average Hollyhock. Do make sure to grow them in good, well-drained, composted soil for the most gorgeous show. Cut back to the base in Winter.


Full Sun
Average Water

USDA zones 4-9