Fuchsia 'Campopple' Fuchsia 'Campopple'

Thanks to Dr. Peter Baye, long-time hybridizer of GALL MITE RESISTANT Fuchsias & to Janis Berlquist of the American Fuchsia Society for sharing this evergreen, vigorous, highly floriferous, lovely & very mite resistant Fuchsia. Growing to 6’ x 4’ with graceful, arching stems, it bears an abundance of 1 ½” long blooms Spring thru Fall - bright reddish-pink horizontally held tepals atop fascinating magenta-streaked, deep purple petals. With its fairly lax branches ‘Campopple’ would make a swell candidate for an espalier, trellis or fence. Of course, it draws hummingbirds like crazy! Plant in rich soil & side-dress with a layer of compost annually. Evergreen in USDA zones 9-10, it will return from the roots in snowy Zone 8 especially well when planted deeply & mulched heavily in Winter.




Coastal Sun/
Bright shade inland
Avg. water

Perennial shrub
USDA zones 8-10