'Irish Molly'

VIola "Irish Molly" Viola "Irish Molly"

Good Golly, Miss Molly! Not only are you RARE & PERENNIAL, we’ve never seen colors quite like yours before – delicately scented 1.5” blooms with deep, dark chocolate rayed top featuring a yellow lip flecked with petals that mingle distinctive, unreal shades from bright yellow to olive to maroon to deep violet. Imagine the startling effect of these edible petals sprinkled on a salad… & wait, did I mention it’s perennial!? Growing to a compact 6” high by 1’ wide, be sure to deadhead after first bloom to keep the gorgeous show going nearly year-round. ‘Irish Molly’ prefers a bit of shade, especially in hot Inland areas – with regular watering (not over-moist, please!) in well-draining soil, she shouldn’t give you a bit of trouble. She’ll even successfully overwinter if you provide a little protection from frost!




Sun/Part shade
Avg. water

USDA zones 8-11
Annual all others