'Galfrey Lye'

Fuchsia "Galfrey Lye" Fuchsia 'Galfrey Lye'

Luminous, eye-catching blooms suspended from amazingly long, slender stems makes this one of my favorite Fuchsias! And it's GALL MITE RESISTANT! Fast growing into a graceful 4' x 3' shrub with arching, wine-red stems, it blooms year around in our mild climate and starts flowering early in USDA zone 8. An abundant bloomer, the lovable 3" "fairy-lantern" flowers display white-blushed-pink tubes and sepals encircling smoky carmine petals, the color contrast making them noticeable even from a distance. Best in rich soil with an annual Spring side-dress of compost. Evergreen (in zone 9-11), it's also one of the most cold hardy - returning from the base after frosts down to 8-10° F. Choice for lighting up a partially shady corner. Can be cut back to 2' tall anytime to refresh, it bounces back fast. Hummers! Bred by Dr. Peter Baye. AM Sun/Bright shade. Avg. water. Shrub USDA zones 8-11.


Sun (coastal)/
Bright shade

Avg. water

Perennial shrub
USDA zones 8-11