(Alcea rosea)
'Halo Cerise'

Hollyhock Alcea rosea Halo Cerise Hollyhock Alcea rosea Halo Cerise

Oh yes, we love these 'Halo' series Hollyhocks with their bushy habit, simultaneous spiking talent, superior rust resistance and perennial tendencies. And how pretty is this maroon centered rosey-pink variety? So long blooming and healthy, you can plant it alongside a walkway for many months of enjoyment and top-of-the-line hummingbird activity! Though not fussy, they are definitely most amazing in rich, loamy soil. Do cut back to 6" in Winter or anytime to refresh. Dose with a 1.5" side-dress of compost in Spring. To 5-8' tall and up to 4' across.



Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 3-10