Passiflora antioquensis
“Banana Passion Vine”

Passiflora antioquensis "Banana Passion Vine"

One of the RAREST & most lusted after Passion Vines! In Spring & Summer HUGE, 6” wide, intense magenta-red blooms hang from incredibly long, 1-2’ stems! Truly fantastical grown on an arbor or up into a tree where the blooms dangle like brilliant hummingbird feeders. The banana-shaped fruit takes 6 months to ripen & is delicious - possibly the tastiest in the genus! Easy to grow in rich soil, it’s luckily not a monster, growing only to 15’. Prefers AM sun to dappled light. Native to the rainforests of Columbia, it thrives in temperate coastal California! Flowering only occurs where Summers are cool, but it does love humidity (thank you fog!). Frost tender below 28 degrees F, so do protect if necessary. Can be easily grown in a large container.


Part sun/AM Sun
Avg./Low water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 9b-11