'Red Russian'

Kale 'Red Russian'

A Siberian heirloom kale imported to Canada by Russian traders around 1885, ‘Red Russian’ is now a favorite of many gardeners, praised for its tenderness & sweet flavor. Picked very young, it can be used in salads – otherwise, cut the leaves in strips & saute or steam for 5 minutes. A yummy package of good flavor, fiber, antioxidants & much more. The appearance is very distinctive & a knock-out in the Winter garden –exceptionally pretty, blue-green leaves with purple veins & frilled leaf edges - although not as ruffled as the European kales. It’s important to plant kales early, so they are well-established before the cold season. In late Summer/early Fall, plant 18” apart in well-fertilized soil, taking some care not to disturb the roots. Keep the plants well-watered until the winter rains or snow arrives. Winter hardy down to -10F.

Anni J

Full Sun
Avg. water

Biennial vegetable
All zones