"Rosette Bok Choi"

Tatsoi "Rosette Bok Choi"
photo courtesy of:Darlene Roelofsen

This is one of the easiest Asian leaf vegetables to grow, & also a good-looking plant in the Fall/Winter garden. Unlike the upright baby bok choi, Tatsoi has spoon shaped, very dark leaves with contrasting white stems that grow into 1’ wide, ground-hugging rosettes. Plant 8” apart in the garden to allow to grow to full size, & keep it well fertilized & watered. The flavor is very mild; try Tatsoi sauteed with a dash of sesame oil, ginger & soy sauce - or pick the leaves off at the ‘baby stage’ & use them in salads. Tatsoi can be grown all year, but is best during the cool season. It is hardy to 15°F & can even be picked from under snow.  In warm weather, it will become more upright & may not grow to its full size – it’s best to provide some shade in a hotter climate.

Anni J

Full sun/Part shade
Avg. water

Annual vegetable
All zones