(Polystichum munitum)
"Western Sword Fern"

Polystichum munitum "Western Sword Fern"
Photo(left): Polylepis

This evergreen fern is native from Alaska allll the way to Southern California, just to give you an idea of how adaptable it is! Count the perks: it’s deer resistant, clay tolerant, drought tolerant and great under oaks. Like a champ, it’ll grow in a range of exposures and soils, but it grows best where you’d expect it to: in the understory of coniferous trees. Stunningly symmetrical fronds add bold visual structure to the garden and the plant is uber long-lived and resilient once established. It’s acid-loving and every year will lose its old fronds as the new ones come in. For best show, cut the old ones back in late. Grows from 2-3’ high and 4-6’ wide. Good in floral arrangements and in desperate times, the rhizomes can be eaten. Reportedly, this fern eschews the East Coast. Sorry guys!

Avg./Low Water

USDA Zones 4a-11