Cenolophium denudatum
“Baltic Parsley”

Ha! My co-workers did not want me to include this in our mailorder catalog as it’s not a big seller, but hear me, this is one of my favorite plants in my home garden. It’s a tough and tenacious hard to kill perennial that’s DROUGHT TOLERANT, DEER and RABBIT RESISTANT and a cut and come-again long bloomer. Upright branching red stems hold a bounty of elegant 5” lacy white flower heads from May to September, desirable not only for the touch of lightness they bring to our gardens, but also for how wonderfully magnetic they are to all manner of beneficial insects, especially butterflies! Pretty glossy ferny foliage, too. Rare and long lived. Provides an interesting silhouette, 3-4’ tall and 3’ across, mingling beautifully with neighbors to supply you with plenty of comely cut flowers – fresh or dried. Add compost to our soil for best show and deadhead to keep the blooms coming. A perfect companion for Verbena bonariensis. THIS IS NOT “QUEEN ANNE’S LACE”. Deciduous, cut to ground in Fall.


Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 6-9