Melon ‘Tasty Bites’

Melon 'Tasty Bites'

A new type of gourmet mini melon created by crossing an Ananas melon & a Charantais. The result is a cantaloupe-like musk melon with a very sweet & aromatic orange flesh (Brix sweetness rating 15). The melons are round & attractively netted with an average weight of 1 lb, a tasty bite indeed.  It is easily grown, highly productive & tolerant to several melon diseases. Melons like HEAT, so give them the hottest place you can find in your garden. The hotter the weather, the sweeter the flavor. Coastal California will always be experimental but since these melons are small with a tendency to intense sweetness, you may be able to grow them in a less than perfect climate. Plant in a well fertilized garden bed in full sun & keep well watered. The melons are ready when the ground color under the netting starts to turn yellowish and the melons start slipping off the vine. Melons get softer after harvesting but they do not get any sweeter, so be patient. It tolerates Fusarium wilt races 1 and 2, powdery mildew race 1 & Alternaria.

Anni J

Full Sun
Avg. Water

All USDA Zones